Enwar Group has been awarded a Sudeten Crystal 2019!

About Sudeten Crystals 2019

The 8th gala of the economic plebiscite “Sudeten Crystals 2019” has concluded! It is a special event for us, as our achievements and all-year-round work have been appreciated. The jury chaired by Adam Pachura expressed the belief that the recipients, including Enwar Sp. z o.o. are the pride of the Sudetenland. Enwar as one of the key entrepreneurs in the region contributes to the creation of a favourable opinion of the local area.

The gala took place on Friday 8th November in the Palace in Trzebieszowice, where we took second prize for the best product and services. Sudeten Crystals 2019 were presented in eight categories, seven of which were decided by the jury. The “Super Crystals” was determined by the audience via SMS voting.

Enwar Group

Enwar Group has been recognized among over a hundred companies and institutions. The Sudeten Crystals 2019 Economic Plebiscite Gala is the largest event of its kind in south-western Poland. Sudeten Crystals makes it possible to award the best companies out of many operating in the Sudetenland region. The main goal is to promote efficient management and optimized entrepreneurship. We are very proud that our services have been recognized among many businesses, associations and organizations. We have received the second prize, which proves that we have taken the right direction in our development. It is but a confirmation of our solidity, organizational efficiency and reliability. Moreover, it demonstrates that economic success can be achieved through hard work and meticulous implementation of business plans.

We would like to thank the organizers and the honourable jury, as well as our employees and management. It is our joint work that has been appreciated and adequately honoured. We are proud of all the contributions and energy we have made together in Enwar. We are a great family, and together we can do even more! Let’s keep it that way!