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Dagmara Staniszewska, phone +48 530 890 387, dagmara.staniszewska@enwar.pl
Agnieszka Adamiak, phone +48 501 700 142, agnieszka.adamiak@enwar.pl


Powder Coating

Powder coating provides uniform coverage of the surface. It strengthens the surface, makes it more resistant to external factors (atmospheric and mechanical) while keeping the long service life.

Shot Blasting

Our experienced team provides professional metal surface cleaning. We shot blast large-size components and the smaller ones as well. Shotblasting is a method used to clean, strengthen (peen), or polish metal before final finishing.


We provide our individual and business customers with professional laser welding services. In our everyday work, we use innovative laser welding machines, however, the manufacturing possibilities of our innovative machine park are much wider.

(CNC) Bending and Rolling Steel Workpieces

We offer professional services of bending, rolling, and machining of steel details using advanced automated technologies. CNC bending allows for high precision and quality of workmanship while ensuring competitive prices for our customers.

(CNC) Laser Cutting of Pipes and Metal Profiles

We offer laser cutting of pipes and metal profiles under the watchful eye of our engineers. It guarantees high quality of workmanship and competitive prices. Modern devices allow for cutting with high accuracy and keeping the surface free from scratches and chipping.

(CNC) Sheet Metal Laser Cutting

CNC technologies allow for precise sheet metal cutting with innovative laser systems. Fully automated proccess enables creating irregural shapes, while maintaining high accuracy of workmanship, which is not always possible with manual cutting.

Designing Devices, Machines and Steel Constructions

We design custom devices and machines for heavy industry. We also owe our designing department where we engineer steel constructions all the way to the end. We provide our clients with comprehensive services at every stage of their businesses.

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    Dagmara Staniszewska
    phone +48 530 890 387

    Preparation of offers and sale of services

    Agnieszka Adamiak
    phone +48 501 700 142

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