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Enwar  –  Steel Products

Enwar is a Polish company present on the market for over 25 years. With our certified industry plant and own design department, we provide our customers with solutions tailored specifically to their needs. We help, we advise, we find the right solution to every situation. We believe in custom products and services that perfectly meet our clients’ expectations.

Apart from the wide range of industry solutions, we have selected specific groups of products, such as:

Garden Products

We’re not afraid to say that our garden products are a real work of art. We design and distribute ornaments and objects that are not just simple decorations. Due to the use of durable materials, it is fair to call it an investment for years. Products made of corten steel, stainless steel, galvanized steel, or aluminum will arrange any space in a unique way.

Intralogistics for Industry

We specialize in the implementation of transport trolleys manufactured in our industry plan. Our mission is to lower costs and increase production efficiency while reducing the risk of accidents at a plant or warehouse. We are also experts in custom workbenches manufacture. As we mentioned earlier, we believe in solutions tailored specifically to every individual business.

Aluminum Profile Systems

Alusic is a producer of aluminum profile systems for machines, conveyors, workstations, or covers. The entire system is designed as a modular mechanism that is easy to assembly and disassembly. It is also very versatile and the components can be quickly combined. Due to that, it is a perfect solution for any industry.

Light Towers & Surveillance Trailers

We manufacture and distribute specialized towers for lighting industrial areas and surveillance trailers for their protection. Thus, we ensure safety in many industries, at a much cheaper cost than hiring manual security staff.

Industrial Safety Fences

Industrial fencing is an investment in the safety of any industrial plant, workshop, or warehouse. Our fences are durable and resistant to unfavorable external factors. They are also distinguished by their aesthetic finish which is unparalleled on the industry market. We use durable materials to provide our customers with the highest security standards.

Where to find us:

Enwar sp. z o.o.
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