Enwar –  more than production optimization

Enwar is a company that has been on the market for over 25 years. Our business model is based on the assumption that first and foremost we are a family business.  It means that the relationships within our business are extremely important to us. Not only it helps us to achieve better results, but also significantly increases the comfort for everyone involved in the process – employees, clients, partners and investors. In addition, we are always doing our very best to meet the expectations of customers that are looking for implementing comprehensive solutions to modernize their production and logistics processes. We feel obliged to help and advise our contractors in solving issues related to every aspect of production. We rely on versatile solutions such as modular industrial fencings, trolleys, carts – and many more! Our biggest strength is the ability to adapt to the individual requirements of each customer. We will personalize our solutions to match your needs!

Several specialisations within one company

The Enwar Group currently consists of many renowned brands that are focused on specific aspects of the industry. We are highly specialized in a wide variety of areas related to production optimization, logistics modernization, specialized security systems and accounting. Our focus is with the entrepreneurs who are willing to expand their business with new and comprehensive solutions. We are constantly expanding our technological infrastructure and investing in the development of new technologies. Our offer includes workstation equipment, warehouse enhancing items, as well as industrial fences and high-tech transport trolleys. We believe that the true improvements for the better have to be done at their core, and for this reason, we have decided to start with introducing all necessary security and production standards to improve our company’s operations. By doing so, we are able to improve the functioning of any contractor’s business.

For many years we have been cooperating with many different international corporations and as a result, our products are highly valued on the European market. We place great emphasis on professionalism based on experience drawn from practice and strong scientific preparation. Our employees are a top-notch elite of designers and technicians in the country – they have all the tools to emphasize the artistic cut of each project we make. Furthermore, we strongly believe that Enwar is not just a business, but also a family that consists of unique individuals characterized by different skills and range of possibilities, but together we create something unique!

An integrated approach for warehouse analysis and production optimization

We are well aware that every job requires appropriate tools. For many years it has not been possible to find appropriate instruments on the Polish market capable of properly implementing international standards in domestic order. Therefore, we decided to create our own brands in order to expand the possibilities of polish manufacturing. As we progress in the future, our mission changes, thus we are expanding our range of activities to the entire EU.


A brand entirely dedicated to the production and installation of industrial security systems. 5sguard is a high-end modular, fully customized security system manufactured at the customer’s request. Security designs are both aesthetically pleasing and effective, but above all, they are compliant with current EU standards!


A member of the Enwar family devoted fully to the implementation of transport trolleys produced by Enwar. Moreover, Woozec’s mission is to reduce costs and increase production efficiency in a noticeable way, as well as reducing the risk of accidents. They are experts in improving warehouse and distribution intralogistics.


A company unit specializing in accounting and human resources services. Fiskalia was established in order to guarantee the very best comfort for contractors in financial matters. The brand prioritizes a method of working that revolves around an efficient and understandable exchange of information with the customer. Improvements in accounting bring every company’s operations to a much higher level. Bookkeeping can be simpler and more effective with us!

Enwar – a product suited to your specific needs

Improving production is not only about introducing modern solutions in the form of services. It is also connected with the purchase of adequate equipment and extension of one’ own technological base. For these purposes, Enwar operates:

Viridi Space

Viridi Space is a brand of high-quality garden products, which can be found in urban spaces, parks, shopping centres, hotels, as well as private properties. We offer a wide range of modern planters, fireplaces, fountains, garden stairs and accessories made of corten steel, aluminium and stainless steel.

We are able to customize all of our products, or if you are looking for something custom-made, our team of designers is willing to work with you in order to realize your ideas and fulfil your wildest dreams. We have the tools and knowledge to design and manufacture almost everything that can be used in the garden, according to the strictest standards with the highest quality and durable materials.


Experts in customised workbenches and solutions. The brand develops and manufactures components for improving production ergonomics. In addition, Visperium offers technical support starting from the design stage up to the production stage.

Enwar Produkt

Distributor of products aimed at production optimization and warehouse improvement. Enwar Produkt distributes goods of well-established foreign manufacturers. We cooperate with MPS, BCF, Vibrotech, People&Technology, Plastorgomma, Simactech and SCR, among others. The brand also performs service and equipment replacements.


This is our innovation and implementation unit, which handles the implementation of the latest technologies and artificial intelligence into enterprises. Their main product is Awia – a positioning system used for in-object location.


Our specialists in the design and assembly of steel structures. Thanks to a well-coordinated team, we are able to offer comprehensive customer service: from transforming the vision and needs into a project, through its execution and quality tests, to the acceptance of the construction site by the supervisors. We also perform relocations of both individual machines and entire production lines.

Where to find us:

Enwar sp. z o.o.
Strefowa 9 St.
58-160 Świebodzice
VAT: PL8842769544

We are available from Monday to Friday from 7 AM to 4 PM [CEST]