Industrial Safety Fences

5SGUARD – Industrial Safety Fences

5sguard is a brand dedicated primarily to provide universal security systems with a particular emphasis on protective industrial fencings. We are implementing the very best technologies in the era of 4.0 Industry according to the highest worldwide safety standards. We are offering custom-tailored solutions for our Clients based on their individual needs.

Industrial barriers – a guarantee of safety in every company

We are offering modular constructions that can be quickly combined to reduce installation time to a minimum. We use solutions based on the polycarbonate, welded joints and resistant glue, which is exceptionally durable and does not require regular reinforcement of the bonds. The 5sguard industrial fences are eye-catching, uniform in colour and will fit into any environment. In this way, we make it possible to create an aesthetically coherent design of the company. As a result, it may increase your reputation in the eyes of potential future contractors. We guarantee a high standard of finishing based on durable materials and certified technologies.

We put great focus on flexibility and versatility. The customer can adjust any model to his individual needs and preferences. We provide a variety of mounting options and a choice of thousands of customised elements. Functionality is critical; therefore, each of our products can be modified. We have various colour variants to choose from, the possibility of strengthening individual panels, mounting any type of gates and locks. Besides, our fences, on the one hand, increase safety, and on the other hand, they do not hinder employees from performing their duties.

5sguard – 4.0 custom industrial technologies

Industrial fences are an investment in security, which also involves considerable cost reductions. 5sguard products are made with the idea that prevention is more economical than compensation in case of damage. If you are looking for modern security features that will ensure the safety of your employees and will be precisely tailored to your needs? 5sguard will quickly secure any workspace!

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