Professional approach to the design and installation of steel structures

Our brand is on the market for over 15 years. Aerostal’ main area of expertise covers a broad range of both the construction and industrial sectors. For our customers, our services are focused on both the construction and assemblage of steel structures, as well as the relocation and transportation of the heavy machinery within the company.

Moreover, we also provide customized ventilation systems, as well as a wide range of solutions for the private and industrial construction sectors. Our team consists only of highly experienced construction designers, assemblers and constructors.

Effective execution of the construction tasks

Our client can entrust us with the carrying out of projects either as a General Contractor in both the Build or Design-build systems, as well as a subcontractor supervising specific tasks related to the construction process of steel structures. Thanks to our long-standing experience, we have gathered the necessary knowledge, which allows us to provide guidance in the selection of materials, space management and design of individual object solutions. We also conduct in-depth inspections of the air conditioning systems. Upon detection of malfunctions or defects, we will repair them immediately or suggest appropriate solutions. Moreover, we provide a comprehensive set of services related to the installation and maintenance of air conditioning in any – private or industrial facility.

For years we have been working with many different businesses, which led us to a strong, friendly relationship with many different design agencies. Our combined knowledge enables us to develop any industrial facility at the customer’s request. We also aid in the creation of an investment concept for the steel structure from the very beginning.

We draw up the complete project documentation, which is required to obtain a building license. Our experts are also responsible for the preparation of the project executive summary records. Furthermore, we also perform construction site operations, and thanks to the experience and thoroughness of the duties we perform, we are able to provide building site approvals along with all the necessary formalities in a timely manner. As a result, Aerostal meets all the criteria for providing comprehensive services to individual customers and companies in conjunction with the execution and installation of steel structures, as well as the installation and maintenance of ventilation and air conditioning systems.

The Enwar Group, to which the Aerostal brand belongs has its own steel construction facility. This is a very important factor that differentiates us from others. As a result, we are able to meet both small assignments commissioned by individual clients, but also build large steel structures for professional contractors. As far as ventilation and air-conditioning systems are concerned, we cooperate with well-established worldwide brands that provide us with their solutions. We only use the equipment that we use or would use within our facilities. Therefore, our company guarantees only the highest quality of technology and services.

All of our activities regarding the construction of steel structures and ventilation systems are carried out with our own materials or, on request, with entrusted materials. Each customer has a sense of security with us that their project will be carried out according to the directives and meet all their expectations.

Resettlement and relocation of machines and production lines

Aerostal also offers services of relocation and resettlement of machinery and production lines both within and between facilities. Our vast experience and technical background allow us to carry out the work safely for the machines, employees and the entire factory structure.

In order to provide our customers with a professional machine relocation service, we start our operations by talking to the customer and learning about his expectations. Then we conduct an initial reconnaissance, in which we take into account the characteristics of machines, equipment or production lines and surroundings. After collecting all necessary details, we carry out a comprehensive operating plan, taking into account all stages of moving and relocating the machinery. Our plan includes a detailed schedule of work to be performed by our team, followed by a review of this schedule by the client so that he can verify and supervise our activities.

We are well aware that each relocation has a different character. Therefore, we hire experts from various fields, including electrical, electronic and hydraulic engineering, so that each task we handle has the appropriate professional background. In this way, we can approach each order individually. Thanks to the wide range of our services, we also offer project development and execution of steel structures along with their assembly. In this way, our customers receive complex support in terms of moving and relocation of machinery.

Ventilation and air-conditioning systems

For years we have been specializing in detailed air conditioning inspections of buildings for any kind of usage. We provide the installation and maintenance of a diverse spectrum of systems for air conditioning in buildings for private, public or industrial use. Our services enhance the comfort of the employees, household members and all other people using the facility or room.

We offer various types of solutions that will significantly affect the efficiency of your business or relaxation zones. We will provide you with a better performance and well-being thanks to the mounting of proven equipment that will adjust the temperature and humidity to suit your needs.

Industrial construction – the highest quality of services guaranteed by Enwar

We are one of the few companies authorized to manufacture, assemble and repair class 1, 2 and 3 welded steel structures compliant with PN-M – 69008, ISO 3438-2 and EN1090-2. Therefore, we offer our customers the highest quality services. From the very beginning of the process we design, manufacture and supervise the full process of production and assembling of steel structures, taking full responsibility for the final effect and timely implementation.

Taking care of the safety of our customers and their employees, we provide a number of quality controls during the assembly of the steel structure. Apart from visual inspection, we subject structures to specialized tests such as MT (magnetic-powder), PT (penetration) and UT (ultrasonic) tests. As a result, we are confident that our steel structures will meet all requirements, ensure safety and serve our customers for many years.

We also take care of the installation of fully secure ventilation and air-conditioning systems, which will ensure the well-being of yourself, your employees as well as the remaining people in the area.

Therefore, if you are looking for a company that will provide you with comprehensive service, security and on-time delivery, you have come to the right place! Do not hesitate to contact our specialists!


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