Light Towers & Surveillance Trailers

Surveillance trailers

As a company, we are primarily concerned with ensuring maximum security in the area indicated by the contractor. However, we are not employing the guards and caretakers, as this is a particularly cost-intensive solution for the client. An additional workstation generates additional costs, whereas, for this purpose, we can take advantage of fully remote, automated solutions.

What we offer is a 24h property protection system. We are the industry leader in intelligent solutions for the protection of large areas, such as highways, vacant buildings, and construction sites.

Lighting for premises and construction sites

Steel towers are perfect for lighting sports, industrial, and infrastructure facilities. The mobility of the products allows for high versatility and maneuvering of the device.

The spine of the tower consists of several sections, extending and retracting using a vertical telescopic mast. The mast can be locked so that it does not shift during transport. Moreover, the towers do not require any additional time to heat up. So you have a direct, immediate device that perfectly illuminates any surface.

Steel light towers and surveillance trailers

We provide our customers with solutions that are three times cheaper comparing to hiring a manual safety staff. Our products are easy to install by anyone – even if you don’t have experience in implementing specific tools for your business. We offer quick service as well.

Our system is fully automated. You just install it and don’t need to worry about the power source. You will get the proper protection anyway. Furthermore, each surveillance trail has digital image recording and additional LED lighting, which guarantees excellent image quality at night. PTZ cameras also enable remote voice communication.

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