Woozec – smart strategies for logistics costs optimization

A dedicated brand of Enwar Group which exclusively focuses on optimizing production logistics processes. We are keen on implementing improvements to the functioning of warehouses and distribution spaces by the usage of our transportation trolleys systems. Our solutions provide additional savings while increasing the efficiency of your business. Implementation of transport trolleys is an investment for years. Thanks to our innovative solutions, we are able to transport parts and completed products within the company significantly quicker. Enwar and Woozec’s combined implementation and working philosophy are a guarantee of considerably higher turnover and thus an increase in profits of your business. If you are looking for a company that will be able to enhance the financial performance by improving the efficiency within your business, test our capabilities!

Transport trolleys – upgrade your business!

We provide effective and efficient enhancements of the intralogistics. The use of a trolley-based working methodology allows for more efficient cost management. We rely only upon verified equipment from Enwar components and assembly lines. As a result, we are certain that our services are an investment with a quick return on the investment. Enwar components are cost-effective to run, yet robust and reliable. Close cooperation between members of the Enwar group enables the immediate implementation of commissioned implementations and effective service of our products.

Woozec – simplicity and productivity

Transport trolleys significantly increase the efficiency of each facility. Enwar is one of the few manufacturers to develop new equipment modifications on a continuous basis. For this reason, we are using only proven, modern equipment. In addition, it is possible to adjust every product to the customer’s specific requirements according to individual preferences. Both storage and distribution require solutions adapted to the specific production sector. Many factors must be taken into account, and these are unique to every individual investment. For years we have been improving the production and industrial logistics of both large and medium-sized companies. We supply leading manufacturers and distributors with a wide range of background equipment. Moreover, our offer is constantly being expanded with new assortment and options. The practice has taught us that it is worth focusing on straightforward solutions. Therefore, we concentrate mainly on transport trolleys.

Transport trolleys instead of forklifts?

The warehousing and distribution require customized solutions depending on the specifics of the goods. Transportation trolleys are a viable alternative to forklift trucks, as they easily allow reaching an easy-to-organise and easy-to-loop type of transportation process and flow of materials between individual stations on the production line. Evermore often, logistic optimization utilizes specialized intralogistics trains, which in many cases are a superior form of transport comparing to traditional forklift trucks. Not only do they serve as a supply source for components of individual production sites, but they can also be used for the removal of unnecessary components and waste disposal. This all depends on the needs and the nature of the company.

It is worthwhile to spread the logistic processes into specific areas, especially when it comes to those related to the relocation of cargo. The more repeatable and programmed the supply to the production line, the more effective the implementation of transport trolleys will be. This type of equipment is cost-effective, more capacious and much safer to use than forklift trucks. The logistical trains in combination with the milk-run system significantly enhance operational effectiveness and reduce the time needed for reloading.

Transport efficiency depends primarily on the planning and pace of production. A key role is played by the experience of the contractor, which optimises intralogistics. We know exactly that a wrongly chosen transport set will bring more harm than good. We provide increases in profits by reducing costs associated with unnecessary internal material traffic, as well as shortening loading and unloading intervals.

We are among the pioneers in our craft

The transport trolleys are a perfect solution thanks to which every Woozec customer can count on at least twice the efficiency of their company. Do you require proven solutions which will develop your capabilities? Contact us!




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