Visperium – modernization in the age of 4.0 industry

Member of the Enwar brand family dedicated to the deployment of customized industrial solutions. We provide a wide range of industrial optimization 4.0, as we specialize in both the design of custom workbenches and the production of items adapted to customers’ individual requirements. For each stage of realization, from the design to the production phase, we provide technical support. Our main objective is to actively support the customer from the product idea through to the solution. Our workshop facilities, parts, components and equipment are produced to improve the efficiency of production lines.

Custom workbench as one of the essentials

Precise and professional execution of all activities related to manufacturing, repairing and assembling is only possible after proper preparation of the working space. This is extremely important for different types of facilities, especially for production lines and various types of workshops. Both comfort and safety during work depend on a well-thought-out selection of tools. Furthermore, the attention to ergonomics of the technical facilities themselves ensures much better work results. A workbench, preferably custom-made, is basically the most important element in any workplace. Only thanks to them it is possible to carry out repairs and work on small pieces.

Customised workbenches are the perfect way to systematise your workspace. Every professional will appreciate a solution that will allow them to organize tools and parts accordingly to their needs. Visperium tables are a guarantee of absolute order and convenience for all necessary assembly work. Our models are available with numerous options and drawers in addition to the spacious top, depending on the customer’s requirements.

Visperium – solutions adapted to your personal preferences

Modern entrepreneurs face many challenges, which often require the use of unusual methods. Non-standard solutions are something that drives us forward. Visperium is a brand that thrives on the basis of interesting projects conducted throughout the project to the production phase. Customised workbenches are a perfect example, because not only the dimensions have to be adjusted to the place of mounting, but often to the employee’s height and European standards. We are well aware that taller people are more likely to experience discomfort by working with undersized equipment, which in result may cause some long-term health issues. Upon request, we adjust the optimal table dimensions to the height and preferences.

The investment in Visperium equipment means investment in reliable and durable workshop installations. Using our products minimizes the possibility of accidental mechanical damage. We exclusively use tested materials that are suitable for many years of service. Moreover, we also guarantee service and distribution of spare parts and components.

Visperium represents an inventive approach to 4.0 industry optimization

The company has a wide range of products designed for use in various business areas. We enable you to achieve basically any objective that your company aims to achieve. Our company is able to ensure an individual approach to the customer: from the consultation of the concept, to the design phase, up to final assembly and possible corrections. For many years we have been working with the largest manufacturers such as Electrolux, Toyota, 3M, VW, Whirlpool, Opel, AAM and BSH. We actively assist businesses which introduce enhancements to their internal logistics and expand their own technological base.

Thoughtful designs are the basis for quality products and services. We also place great emphasis on the timeliness of each project, while maintaining the most reasonable price. We offer solutions in the form of customised workbenches, personalised logistics trains and conveyors delivering components to the production line. We take care of every detail and adjust our capabilities to your requirements. We also improve the internal transport systems on your premises. Decide to optimize your industry 4.0! Let us take your company to the next level!


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