Viridi Space – more than just landscape planning

Viridi Space is a brand of high-quality garden products, which can be found in urban spaces, parks, markets, hotels, as well as private properties. Our company provides a wide range of metalworking possibilities, thanks to which we are able to arrange each and every space that a customer indicates to us with our unique and modern planters, fireplaces, fountains, garden stairs and accessories made of corten steel, aluminium and stainless steel.

Therefore, thanks to our flexibility we able to customize all of our products, or if you are looking for something custom-made, our team of designers is willing to work with you in order to realize your ideas and fulfil your wildest dreams. We have the tools and knowledge to design and manufacture nearly anything that can be used in the garden, according to the strictest standards with the highest quality and durable materials.

We draw on the benefits of raw materials

For years, our staff have specialised in processing various types of raw materials, such as carbon steel, stainless and galvanized steel or aluminium. These materials are suitable for all kinds of investments. Nevertheless, we place a special emphasis on corten products, as we strongly believe that it is the best choice in the majority of modern space development projects. If you are considering between steel or aluminium – choose corten! It will save you additional impregnation and regular maintenance costs. It also looks superb!

Corten in the hands of Viridi Space artisans

Corten steel has a wide spectrum of valuable properties, of which first important is increased resistance to extreme weather conditions. The steel under the influence of rainfall and air produces on its surface a rust-like coating. However, this coating is much different from the standard corrosion, as in this case, it is not damaging to the material. Instead, it serves as a protective layer created by several chemical elements such as nickel, phosphorus, chromium and copper.  Protective outside layer made of those elements doesn’t progress deeper into the material, which means that Corten has little to none requirements regarding impregnation or special care. It also does not generate additional costs in the form of the need for regular painting or renovation.

Products made of Corten steel do not require surface treatment. This is an undoubted advantage because the elements made of it usually take on a red-brown colour over time. This makes the appearance of each product unquestionably unique. Thanks to the industrial character, corten is increasingly used not only in industry but also in popular architecture and art. The innovative nature of the metal blends in perfectly with the greenery in the garden. Amazing designs of sculptures, benches, water elements, planters, furnaces and wall panels are created from Corten steel. Corten is currently a very fashionable material used by world-class designers. They appreciate the warmth of colour, simplicity in processing, ease of maintenance and, above all, high durability.

In addition, the small thickness of the corten plate allows you to create openwork structures for the garden, such as pergolas, lighting elements, gazebos and partitions. Lamps made of Corten steel are also created, which generate phenomenal visual effects both during the day and at night.

We will make your dream come true

Have you created an original, innovative concept for developing your own home or garden? Or are you already deep in the design phase but you don’t know which technical standards you are obligated to meet? We are here to help you realize your vision!

Together, we can make a product’ design assumptions and determine how it is going to be implemented. We value an individual approach to each client, so you can be sure that we have the experience to adapt to your ideas. Our technicians and designers are able to modify your projects to fit technical standards without changing its spirit and overall design, and then take care of the manufacturing process.

We are using corten steel, aluminium, galvanized and stainless steel for the production of highest quality garden products. We prioritize individual projects and put special emphasis on the durability of our products.

After consulting with you within a few days, we will send you drawings of the product, along with its specs and price. Next, we are waiting for your approval or comments and requests. After acceptance, we are ready to launch the production process.

And finally … the finished product! We bring it to you or wait for your pickup.

You will certainly find something for yourself!

As we listen carefully to our customers’ needs, we regularly extend our offer with new products. We are constantly working with world-class designers to take on new challenges. Commitment to every project is an absolute priority for us. We are hiring experts who are true artists in their fields. If you are looking for versatile solutions adapted to your individual preferences, do not hesitate to contact us! Together we will choose the right item from a list of thousands of our products. See for yourself!


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