Creative ideas and solutions for industrial applications

Squad-Tec is a brand devoted to bringing technological innovations to industrial environments. The main focus of our activity is the implementation of indoor localization solutions and the development of Artificial Intelligence for the industry. We aim to carry out our customers’ original ideas with the help of available IT and electronics capabilities. By using the most up-to-date methods we contribute to improving efficiency, security and strategic planning in companies.

Awia – the revolution in indoor location

It is a positioning system which is used in an indoor location. The system is mainly applicable to production facilities, large-area warehouses and wholesalers. It is installed in forklifts and other internal transport machinery. The whole system is based on small sensors attached to the forklifts, concentrators and synchronizing gates. The system itself is small, as is its equipment, which significantly reduces implementation costs. The whole system is based on a platform created particularly for this purpose, which in time will be expanded with new possibilities.

A number of issues faced by modern businesses can be solved by introducing the Awia’s indoor location system by improving internal material flow efficiency. It also prevents unnecessary equipment stops, delays and accidents. It allows you to change routes and layout in your company or warehouse in a way that will save precious time and resources. In addition, the Awia system includes a “find a route” option, which will help you to easily navigate a new transport route in the case of a congestion. The “find a trolley” function is also useful for everyday work.

By implementing an innovative indoor location system Awia’s in the company your business will not only be able to save both time and money but above all, introduce simplifications which will allow for faster development of the company and streamline the obligations of employees. In this way, in addition to measurable material benefits, you also gain intangible benefits, such as motivating staff or enhancing production.

Artificial intelligence for your business

Squad-Tec is a company that also implements artificial intelligence and the most recent technologies in business, as those provide great benefits, both financially and intangibly. Squad-Tec develops artificial intelligence solutions to improve production efficiency and overall reliability.

Therefore, we approach each of our clients on an individual level. Thus, during the first conversation, we address all the needs and concerns with our client. Then our qualified team develops which technologies are best suited to the specific company. At the next meeting, we discuss them in detail together with the artificial intelligence solutions that we can implement in a given company together with their valuation, profit analysis and a specific implementation plan, which we pass on to our contractor. Later, we send a team of assemblers and artificial intelligence engineers to the company’s headquarters, where they undertake to install the necessary equipment, while technicians are going to install the necessary technology management software and conduct a training for your employees. Each of our customers can also contact our technical service at any time to help solve problems.

In addition to implementing artificial intelligence for companies, we also provide solutions and problem solving in a wide range of areas. We specialize in Big Data analysis by developing software for the analysis of the Big Data. They do help us quickly analyze hundreds of thousands of information, and as a result, our artificial intelligence systems for enterprises have a wide range of functionality. We support advanced and complex technologies in an intuitive way, so every enterprise can use them more easily. Each of our systems allows to improve functionality and save funds. While operating on our systems we are using Agile/Scrum technology, whereas in managing them we use Jira and Confluance.

Even more advantages offered by implementing new technologies

Apart from the obvious enhancements of production techniques, warehouse and company management process, reduction of costs as well as increased efficiency and increased profits, entrepreneurs using modern technologies can also proudly claim intellectual benefits such as increased motivation of employees or reduced frustration in the team. Therefore, if you want to increase your profitability, contact us today and we will choose the ideal solution for you!


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