Fiskalia – Business Accounting

Fiskalia is a brand dedicated to providing a comprehensive set of services in the field of accounting and human resources. We provide complex outsourcing of accounting oriented towards working closely with the customer. Fiskalia was created to address the expectations of even the most demanding entrepreneurs, with specific requirements.

We treat every customer on an individual basis since it is only through accurate and efficient communication that we can make the right business decisions. We prioritize proper information exchange and communication about financial results. It is only fast and reliable actions that allow us to maintain an adequate level of business turnovers. Professional accounting means comfort and security. We are responsible for this comfort and thus support our contractors.

Outsourcing is the key to savings.

With us, you don’t have to purchase an expensive tax system, which requires constant updating of legal regulations. We also enable the elimination of the internal human resources department, which also solves issues with employee recruitment and incurring additional fees related to scheduling jobs interviews, personnel obligations and vacation periods.

Thanks to outsourcing, the company gains a reliable consultant, which does not take any time off. We significantly decrease the possibility of an unpredictable human factor. External accounting mitigates high costs associated with the training necessary for the proper performance of duties by the company’s internal department. Working with us means that the entrepreneur does not have to engage in controlling the effectiveness of the staff. We solve current problems and decisions in the area of activity entrusted to us.

We are here for you, as…

Our accounting remains at the full disposal of the contractor at all times. In this way, we enable the enterprise’s resources to be aggregated solely on the objectives of business activity. Fiskalia provides the back-office, so the company has more time for decision making and strategy development. We emphasize proper, straightforward communication of data. Furthermore, we are implementing a transparent system of financial data exchange, which significantly shortens procedures in the management structure. At the same time, our support is provided, especially in terms of document archiving. We will take care of the standardization of records, conducting analyses, preparing invoices, procedures and reports. However, this is only a fraction of our true capabilities.

We keep track of changes in legislation, oversee normative variations in document regulations, update company software and manage the implementation of accounting tasks. Besides, we take care of the development of our employees and organize quarterly courses. Learning and expanding knowledge is the key to understanding the changing laws.

…commitment to the customer’s welfare is essential

Trusting an external company with accounting services involves some risks. It is essential to find a qualified provider that understands the specifics of a particular business and, above all, is committed to the client’s vision. Currently, too many outsourcing agencies are using modern tools and proven methods of work, but unfortunately, very often, they fail to remain indifferent to the interest of the customer. It results in a situation in which they do not assuredly fulfil their duties. It is something that is considered intolerable for us.

Fiskalia is a brand that has been established to meet the needs of entrepreneurs requiring a trusted partner in running a business. We provide a sense of comfort from a financial and tax-legal perspective. We will also represent the company before administrative bodies and state control institutions. Effortlessly, you will get rid of many duties that we will be performing in your name. Thanks to our solutions, the activity of each company becomes much more comfortable and more productive.

Fiskalia – an excellent business partner

As an external accountant, we guarantee the improvement of financial statistics. We are certified and authorized to provide bookkeeping services. We also possess a set of required insurances, e.g. from civil liability. Outsourcing is an excellent way to reduce the possibility of accounting mistakes. Fiskalia transfers responsibility for the tasks it performs to itself. If you are looking for comfort and convenience in doing business – contact us!