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Enwar Product began its activity in 2012. Since then, we have been developing dynamically and regularly increasing the number of cooperating companies, choosing only the best and reliable manufacturers from the industry. We are the exclusive distributor of BCF, Vibrotech, People&Technology, Plastorgomma, SCR, Simactech and MPS products in Poland. We are conducting innovative projects aimed at the modernization of industry 4.0.

Our company is known for its readiness for customized solutions such as “turnkey” operations. We provide advice, design and assembly of a production line ready to work together with complete documentation. Owing to the database of trustworthy suppliers developed over the years, we can compile its elements adjusting them to the requirements and production objectives. Years of industrial experience help us to make a successful and active part in the development of our customers.

Moreover, we are the only company in Poland to introduce a service of cleaning piezoelectric heads using patented technology and equipment of People&Technology.

Our suppliers are only the very best in their respective areas

We offer not only machines, equipment and spare parts, but also professional service, which will quickly and effectively resolve even the most complex problems and improve the operation of your company in the age of 4.0 industry. We actively support our customers and enable them to concentrate their business activities. We design and assemble production lines, as well as prepare full documentation for the installation. We are engaged in cooperation with a variety of well-known enterprises such as:


The company provides the highest quality standards for high-resolution digital printing, logos, images, barcodes, QR and custom labels. In addition, People&Technology manufactures 2D readers, which in combination with Backtrack printer allow the integration of industry 4.0 systems in the ceramic sector. The company also offers ink mixers, digitally controlled slipware application machines, digital InkJet calibration systems, piezoelectric head cleaning and Silksurface dry polishing system.


Vibrotech specialises in the production of high quality vibrating sieves and iron removal systems, which are broadly used in many industries, from ceramics to pharmaceuticals. The company branches are located not only in Italy, but also in Spain, Mexico and the United States. Vibrotech is a part of the Certech Group, united by a common philosophy and mission – innovative solutions and highest quality products. Vibrotech’s production is focused on vibrating sieves for different types of products and iron removers for both wet and dry materials. The units are available in three versions, depending on the type of application: for industrial production, food industry and pharmacy.


WorldJet is the market leader in the manufacture and distribution of industrial labelling and marking systems. The company, which has been operating in Italy for many years, provides services not only to small and large enterprises there, but also to foreign companies in almost all sectors of industry – from food, chemicals and pharmaceuticals to textiles and ceramics. WorldJet offers a wide range of high-resolution printers, as well as devices for printing and applying labels on a number of different products and surfaces. We design and build customized fastening systems and structures that supplement our marking and identification systems, offering new and innovative solutions that meet the requirements of our customers.


BCF was established in Italy and has been operating for more than 30 years, supplying the world’s leading ceramic tile manufacturers. The company designs and manufactures comprehensive glazing and transportation lines for the ceramics industry, taking the position of an undisputed leader, and its products are present on virtually every continent. BCF is one of the few constructors of transport lines for Continua systems, Continua+ and Lamina where perfect precision and perfect execution are required.


SimacTech is an Italian company founded in 1977 with a strong focus on technological innovation in industrial automation, robotics and logistics. With its technologically advanced solutions it supports many industries, including ceramics, operating in many countries, mainly in Europe, the USA, Latin America and North Africa.

SCR Molcer

The S.C.R. was established in 1973, and over the past few years the company has significantly expanded its machinery sector, now with the latest generation of machines that guarantee performance in terms of increased productivity and product precision. A large number of technologically advanced machines allow us to perform the entire production process related to the range of products offered in the production plants, which allows for full control of the quality of the process and specific delivery times of the product. The group consists of two operating units, one located in the area of Sassuolo, S.C.R. srl, the other in Molcer, based in Portugal, thus achieving a very large size to take one of the largest positions in the industry. However, technology and technicians are what makes the difference in the production and distribution of moulds, pads, rubber stamping pads as well as Bordino pads and spare parts in general.


MPS has been operating in Italy since 1999. The company specialises in designing and manufacturing plastic products for various sectors of industry. The company is constantly investing in new technologies, thus achieving a high level of production automation. The high level of automation achieved and the excellent internal organisation enable MPS to produce and handle orders quickly. Moreover, the company fulfils customized orders, which are designed in close cooperation with the customer, and the primary goal is to provide the highest quality product.

Enwar Product – expanding your manufacturing capacity

Are you looking for versatile solutions suited exactly according to your individual demands? Contact us! We will be happy to help you optimize your production! We cooperate with reputable manufacturers from the industry. The range of our partners includes millions of items. We provide unconventional designs in both standard and customized variants. You will surely find something for yourself!


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