5SGUARD – custom industrial fences

5sguard is a brand dedicated primarily to provide universal security systems with a particular emphasis on protective industrial fencings. We are implementing the very best technologies in the era of 4.0 Industry according to the highest worldwide safety standards. We are offering custom-tailored solutions for our Clients based on their individual needs. As we firmly believe that prevention is better than cure, all of our products are created with this initial idea in our minds. We are most confident that investing in industrial fencing will ensure the safety of all persons on the premises, your employees and visitors alike.

Industrial barriers – a guarantee of safety in every company

Restricted access zones are nowadays designated in almost every industrial facility. One of the ways of securing hazardous areas is the use of industrial fences. More and more often, they also serve as a showcase for a company. 5sguard products are quick to install, durable, visually attractive and their cost is adequate to their quality. They can zone welding stations, valuable equipment or any other sensitive item. The 4.0 industry technologies we use can even suppress noisy areas if there are machines in your facility that produce particularly deafening effects.

We are offering modular constructions that can be quickly combined to reduce installation time to a minimum. We use solutions based on the polycarbonate, welded joints and resistant glue, which is exceptionally durable and does not require regular reinforcement of the bonds. The 5sguard industrial fences are eye-catching, uniform in colour and will fit into any environment. In this way, we make it possible to create an aesthetically coherent design of the company. As a result, it may increase your reputation in the eyes of potential future contractors. We guarantee a high standard of finishing based on durable materials and certified technologies.

Here at 5SGUARD, we strive for perfection.

Designing the most effective warehouse or industrial space is a considerable challenge. From the entrepreneur’s point of view, the most important thing is to secure workplaces and hazardous areas. All this to ensure the best possible conditions for the employees while performing their duties. Technical barriers provide a very high level of safety. Industrial facilities usually cover large areas, so industrial fences are a convenient solution.

Quite frequently for efficient production, it is necessary to use machines that require additional protection. In every company, the manufacturer should take care of the well-being of all employees. It applies in particular to the equipment as mentioned earlier of various types and production lines. Fences work perfectly well in virtually every industry and provide high comfort of use. They separate unauthorised persons from places where they could be in danger. Besides, industrial fences are easy to use, and they significantly reduce the risk of an accident.

The characteristics of our security systems

OSH principles are the basis of industrial safety. No business can be conducted without meeting the standards in the applicable regulations, which require employers to secure their workstations adequately. Production workers are regularly exposed to an immense amount of harmful and dangerous factors. Therefore, not only the safety of the employees but also the company’s turnover depends on the reliability of systems. 5sguard technical barriers meet all mandatory standards and are in line with current European directives. Our solutions are 100% effective.

We put great focus on flexibility and versatility. The customer can adjust any model to his individual needs and preferences. We provide a variety of mounting options and a choice of thousands of customised elements. Functionality is critical; therefore, each of our products can be modified. We have various colour variants to choose from, the possibility of strengthening individual panels, mounting any type of gates and locks. Besides, our fences, on the one hand, increase safety, and on the other hand, they do not hinder employees from performing their duties.

5sguard – 4.0 custom industrial technologies

Industrial fences are an investment in security, which also involves considerable cost reductions. 5sguard products are made with the idea that prevention is more economical than compensation in case of damage. If you are looking for modern security features that will ensure the safety of your employees and will be precisely tailored to your needs? 5sguard will quickly secure any workspace! See for yourself!